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  • Best and Easiest way to Preserve your Wedding Bridal Flower Bouquet

    By far the most efficient way to preserve your Bridal Bouquet is Air- Drying it. How? Simple! Turn the flowers upside down, hang them and place them in a dry area with no direct sunlight. In about 2 weeks the bouquet will be perfectly dry and ready to be displayed in your leaving room.  If you are leaving in a humid area it might take about 3 weeks.
  • Choosing the right size Necktie

    Here are 3 tips that guarantee the perfect fit as well:

    1. Length: The average length of a tie is about 58 inches long (148cm). The Necktie is not supposed to be longer or shorter that the middle of your belt / waistband as you are standing straight. 

    2. Width : You can find Neckties with a width between 1.5 - 4 inches. The way you choose the width is based on your own size. If you are a skinny guy you can easily wear anything between 1.5-3 inches in width. An average built can opt for 2-3.5 in and a larger individual should start with a 3+ inches width necktie. 

    3. The Knot : When you tie your necktie make sure the knot is not too small or too big. If you use too much of the slim section you will end up with a tiny knot. It's all about the visual here. 

  • The Right Bow Tie Size

    If you want to look on point just follow the next 2 simple rules:

    1. The ends of the bow tie should line up with the outermost crests off your shirt's temples. If it surpasses the crests it will make your neck look smaller and give you a clown look that you might not want to achieve that day. If the bow tie is too small it will have the opposite effect, emphasizing a bigger head ( not what we are going for here).

    2. Finally, you dont have to suffer for a great look. Make sure the bow tie fits firmly enough without suffocating you.

    *** The most common length for a bow ties is between 38-50 cm (15-20 inches) and is easily accessible. For smaller sizes we can look under the kids section or customize it. For bigger sizes we do need customization. 

  • 2 Types of Bow Ties - Daily Bow Tie & Special Occasion Bow Tie

    The daily Bow Ties: Rule of Thumb : If its velvet and/or shinny then you better go to an event. CottonLinen and Wool are the go to materials in this case.

    The Special Occasion Bow Ties: This is your moment 007. No cotton, no wool, no linen but straight up gorgeous velvet, satin and silk. If you want to keep it safe and dashing opt for a crisp colour : deep redblackemerald greennavy blue and white. Tuxedo or a dapper suit is a must. 

  • Choosing the perfect Tie Bar or Tie Clip

    Tie Clip or Tie Bar: Simple! If your tie is made of a thin material use a Tie Bar (slides through easily) and if your necktie is a bit thicker, has more structure use a Tie Clip.

    The Right Size: A good rule of thumb is to use a tie clip or a tie bar that is 3/4 of the width of the tie or less. We offer the 3 sizes in our collection that will match every necktie in your closed - 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch

    The Perfect Position: Place your tie clip or tie bar on your tie between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt. 

    The Right Colour: As with anything, the colour of your tie clip or tie bar is a question of taste. Too much information is never pleasant to the eye. A plain tie can easily handle a tie clip with a design but the opposite can be hard to pull off.