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2 Types of Bow Ties - Daily Bow Tie & Special Occasion Bow Tie

Nowadays people wear bow ties as if they were ties. If is essential to understand the difference between the 2 types of bow ties and the materials before wearing them.

The daily Bow Ties: Rule of Thumb : If its velvet and/or shinny then you better go to an event. The daily Bow Tie that you can easily wear at work, on a night out with friends or simply being your daily dapper self has to be easy going. Cotton, Linen and Wool are the go to materials in this case. If you are new to bow ties go for monochromatic but if you feel more adventures you have millions of patterns that will make your attire pop ( have a look at our collection). Because it is a daily Bow Tie you can definitely forget about the suit jacket and just wear it with a button up shirt.

The Special Occasion Bow Ties: This is your moment 007. No cotton, no wool, no linen but straight up gorgeous velvet, satin and silk. If you want to keep it safe and dashing opt for a crisp colour : deep red, black, emerald green, navy blue and white. Tuxedo or a dapper suit is a must.