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Best and Easiest way to Preserve your Wedding Bridal Flower Bouquet

Theres is no way about it, Wedding Bridal Bouquets are expensive. The average price being somewhere around 120$ and that is not including the bridesmaids, mothers in law, groom and groomsman flowers. Wouldn't you want to preserve it?

And yes, you can go for silica preservation, flower by flower, tacking you a few days of work. I tried it, looks good , but too much work!

By far the most efficient way to preserve your Bridal Bouquet is Air- Drying it. How? Simple! Turn the flowers upside down, hang them and place them in a dry area with no direct sunlight. In about 2 weeks the bouquet will be perfectly dry and ready to be displayed in your leaving room.  If you are leaving in a humid area it might take about 3 weeks. 

How to continue their preservation and display them ? Have a look at our Wedding Flower Bouquet Glass Dome Display. Our Large Displays are great for each bouquet size  D12 x H16 ( 25cm * 40cm) and come in 3 different base colours : White, Light Wood and Dark Wood.