Choosing the right size Necktie

So you finally found that perfect necktie! Not too flashy but not too basic. It will be a hit during your next meeting. 

Here are 3 tips that guarantee the perfect fit as well:

1. Length: The average length of a tie is about 58 inches long (148cm). The Necktie is not supposed to be longer or shorter that the middle of your belt / waistband as you are standing straight. 

2. Width : You can find Neckties with a width between 1.5 - 4 inches. The way you choose the width is based on your own size. If you are a skinny guy you can easily wear anything between 1.5-3 inches in width. An average built can opt for 2-3.5 in and a larger individual should start with a 3+ inches width necktie. 

3. The Knot : When you tie your necktie make sure the knot is not too small or too big. If you use too much of the slim section you will end up with a tiny knot. It's all about the visual here.