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The Right Bow Tie Size

It is as important to choose the right size bow tie as it is to choose the right necktie and tie clip size.

If you want to look on point just follow the next 2 simple rules:

1. The ends of the bow tie should line up with the outermost crests off your shirt's temples. If it surpasses the crests it will make your neck look smaller and give you a clown look that you might not want to achieve that day. If the bow tie is too small it will have the opposite effect, emphasizing a bigger head ( not what we are going for here).

2. Finally, you dont have to suffer for a great look. Make sure the bow tie fits firmly enough without suffocating you.

*** The most common length for a bow ties is between 38-50 cm (15-20 inches) and is easily accessible. For smaller sizes we can look under the kids section or customize it. For bigger sizes we do need customization.